Semester 4: Thesis (cohort 2022)

On these pages we publish information relevant for the Thesis phase (the 4th Semester) of the Cartography MSc.
To do in the coming time [complete timeline here]:
  • The Steering Committee has approved all requested topics. See the overview HERE.
  • The thesis semester 4 of course has now started. You are busy with your supervisor preparing your Extended Research Proposal (ERP). What is an ERP, actually? See some explanation and examples of last year here...
  • The deadline for the ERP is: Friday 19 April. Make sure you used the template (see ERP info) and send the file to your TAB (chair, supervisor(s) and reviewer), with a cc to the thesis coordinator (
  • The ERP defence sessions will be: 29 Apr TUD, 30 Apr TUM, 2 May UT, 3 May TUW. You will receive the exact timetable from your University's local coordinator. Prepare yourself by creating a 10 minute presentation and make sure you know the procedure: check the Procedural Handbook. In it you can find the defence procedures, and your tasks and responsibilities. Also, the roles of the supervisors and reviewers are explained.
Contact the thesis coordinator, Barend Köbben, by email [] or phone [+31 53 4874253]