Semester 4: Thesis (cohort 2021)

On these pages we will publish information relevant for the Thesis phase (the 4th Semester) of the Cartography MSc.

For students in the 2020 and earlier cohorts, go HERE for information on your last steps...

To do in the coming time [complete timeline here]:
  • Cohort 2021 has started thinking about thesis topics for their summer semester (in 2023)...
  • There was a first thesis introduction in Dresden on 27 October. You can download the slides and also see the outcomes of the break-out session.
  • We will have a topic selection & formulation workshop in Dresden on 13 December. More details on this page.
  • Browse the list of current Thesis Topics [LINK]. The topics on the list are first proposals and ideas [NOTE: this site will be subject to additions and changes until 10 December!]. The staff proposing these ideas considered them interesting, relevant and do-able. If you want more information about any of them, contact the staff members mentioned. You can already start thinking how to mould them into a research you can call your own.
  • You are very welcome to propose your own cartographic topic! Talk with us, we’ll help determine if a topic is viable, and who could supervise it [more details here]...
  • If you feel you need help, have questions or need someone to bounce your ideas off, contact the thesis coordinator for an online consultation
  • You have until January 1 to determine a first, a second (and possibly a third) topic of choice.
    BTW: 'claiming' one now does not make it automatically yours, so no hurry, take your time thinking, and make an informed choice.
    Once you made up your mind, you should use this form to list your preferences for topics.