Timing in a Nutshell

For the 2023 summer semester

[for students outside the regular timeline (e.g. with extension) dates may differ]

27 Oct Thesis introduction & research area workshop
10 Dec Thesis topics published on website
13-14 Dec Topic selection & formulation workshop + consultations (TUD)
1 January Deadline topic selection by students. Use this form to list your preferences for topics
begin January Academic writing workshop at TUD.
halfway January Approval of thesis topics, first supervisors and location for thesis writing.
until 17 Apr Students start work on ERP in contact with their supervisors. What is an ERP, actually? See some explanation and examples of last year here...
1 April Official start of semester 4
17 Apr Deadline for Extended Research Proposal (ERP).
24-27 April ERP defences: TUM 24th, UT 25th 28th, TUD 26th 2 May, TUW 27th.
± 1 July Midterm presentations: 26 June @ TUW, 29 June @ TUD, 4 July @ TUM, 6 July @ UT
7 Sep Deadline for submitting final thesis
End Sep Thesis defences & assessment:
  • 21 September @ TUW
  • 22 September @ TUD
  • 25 September @ TUM
  • 26 September @ UT