Your Own Topic

You are very welcome to propose your own cartographic topic! Talk with us, we’ll help determine if a topic is viable, and who could supervise it...
You will have to propose a topic that lives up to the same demands we require from the 'normal' topics. As shown in the introduction presentation , that means it should be anchored in science and be about a scientifically relevant cartographic subject (remember, not just "science with a lot of maps"!).
Once you have found a topic to your liking, and a staff member of one on the Partner Universities who agreed to be your supervisor, s/he can help you finalise the initial proposal. This does not yet need to be a fully worked out Extended Research Proposal (ERP), but rather a short description with the original idea and some possible directions. You can use the topic descriptions on the website as examples.

On the Topic Choice Form that you hand in (before 1 January), please clearly state the intended supervisor, and attach your initial proposal with it. Although it is normal practice that well-written "own" topic proposals are accepted by the Steering Committee, I do nevertheless advise you to still state a second choice on the form.