The Thesis: writing, hand-in, presentation and defence

You create your thesis under the rules of the University where you write it. For that you should check out the separate section below with specific information per University. You will find there that the rules vary: Some demand a specific layout, others provide templates that are optional... But do note that "on top" of that all MSc Carto theses should use the same Thesis Cover Page (including statement of authorship), linked to below.

The actual writing of your thesis is a proces that happens in a processs in close communication with your supervisor, just like the research that it is based on. You can find some general obeservations about it in the slides linked to here (and below).

What to submit when and to whom:

  • On or before the Thesis deadline: 9 September 2022:
    • to your thesis assessment board (TAB) + cc to the thesis coordinator: your written thesis as PDF (via e-mail, make sure it is not larger than 20 Mb).
    • to your supervisor: one printed copy of your master thesis (adhesive binding)
      [Note that although this is the rule, some supervisors do not need or even want a printed copy, so I advice to check this with your supervisor...]
    • to your supervisor: all data (initial data, derived data, project files, scripts etc.) on CD/DVD/memorystick/cloudshare
  • Two days before your final master thesis presentation:
    • to the program coordinator (Juliane Cron): A PDF of a poster about your master thesis research. You can use the template linked to below.
  • On the day of your final master thesis presentation:
    • to your supervisor: your presentation as PDF

Thesis Defence

You will defend your thesis in a session with the TAB. Dates are in the timeline (detailed schedules will be published there also).
The Thesis defence is public. The duration of the exam is 60 minutes including a presentation of not more than 20 minutes by the student, followed by a discussion of not more than 30 minutes. This is followed by a short retreat for discussion of the mark by the Thesis Assessment Board and feedback to the student. The official protocol of this session and the assessment rules are in the document linked to below.

If you have any further questions concerning submission, assessment etc., contact your supervisor or drop the thesis coordinator an email at