13 December 2012


Concepts and tools for Spatial Data Visualization

The hands-on workshop "Concepts and tools for Spatial Data Visualization " is part of the SENSE PhD day, organized by the SENSE Research Cluster XIII: Land change and ecosystem services. From the site:

Within many publications and presentations SENSE PhD students present their data using different techniques, most commonly maps and charts. But what are actually the best ways to communicate your findings? Which visualization technique fits your data best? Which techniques are most appropriate to present your results effectively to various audiences? And which tools and software are available? These questions will be addressed during the SENSE PhD day on spatial data visualization. The PhD day focuses on new and innovative visualization techniques and presents two speakers and an interactive workshop.

Two experts in the field of communication and data visualization will discuss about concepts, methods and software. The first speaker is Barend Köbben, senior lecturer in cartographic visualization at ITC, who will give a talk about innovative and traditional methods for spatial data processing, introducing us to web-based visualization techniques. Secondly, Frédérik Ruys (Vizualism), information designer and data journalist, will focus on communication to the wider public, which he did successfully e.g. in the TV-series “Nederland van Boven” (the Netherlands as seen from above). Presentations are followed by a workshop in which participants work in small groups with existing data and experiment with different visualization techniques, tools and software. The outcomes are presented and discussed by the end of the day. You are all welcome to stay for drinks afterwards.

Barend Köbben of ITC-University Twente taught and set up the hand-on work shop. Materials for this workshop can be found here: