ITC's GONDWANA animation


In 2000, we created an interactive animation on the Web of the breaking up of Gondwana. This was a small project to help disseminate the results of extensive scientific work on this subject by ITC geology professor Colin Reeves to the larger, non-academic public. It became rather popular, being by far the most-visited page on the Kartoweb server and having been incorporated through the years in several places: In museum exhibits and even in a TV documentary...

In late 2015, 15 years after its inception,we again received a request to re-use the application. By then we were a bit embarrased to comply, as by now the technology had become difficult to use (at the time we used MacroMind Director to create a Shockwave application). That's why we took a bit of effort to create this re-vamped version better suited for the Web of 2016...

GONDWANA ANIMATION: The updated version
This is the version using HTML5 Open Web technology. It should run in any modern browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+). It contains exactly the same content (frames) as the original Shockwave version (below).


A small presentation explaining the work

This is the original animation (dating back to 2000), that needs Shockwave, a pre-Open Web plugin for interactivity.
Download the Adobe Shockwave plugin by clicking

You are free to link to, or copy and use (please inform us), the animation as long as you do not change it and include the original copyright statement: © 2000-2016 ITC-University of Twente; Animation software and website development (Apr 2000, Jan 2016) by Barend Köbben, scientific work by Colin Reeves (ITC) & Maarten de Wit (University of Cape Town); last change January 31, 2016