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The original RIMapper project (now deprecated) was a stand-alone service not compliant with OGC WebMapService standards. It read its set-up parameters from XML setup files. It used MySQL as a spatial DB, therefore could not offer re-projection capabilities (all data needs to be in the same Coordinate Reference System).

  • Examples:
  • Software:
    • The original RIMapper server application to install yourself [readme, installer files & instructions]
    • shp2mysql loader 0.4 [512 Kb ZIP archive]:
      this program takes in ESRI shape files and outputs SQL command files suitable for use in the MySQL database (onwards from version 4.1.0). Use these file as source files in the MySQL command line client, or as "scripts" in the MySQL Query Browser. Win executable and C source code included.
  • Paper on the original RIMapper project:
    • paper "RIMapper - A test bed for online Risk Indicator Maps using data-driven SVG visualisation"
      [280 Kb PDF file of paper and SVG site with presentation slides]

For the SVG map you will need an SVG-capable browse – Native SVG renderers: FireFox 1.5+, Opera 9+, Safari 1.3+ (or Chrome and other browsers based on WebKit), IE9 (preview 4+); or others using external libs: a Javascript library (eg. SVGweb or Rafael) or the Adobe SVG viewer (IE plugin).

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