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Real-time geographic information dissemination
Goals of map use arrayed in the map use cube
Tools for finding geodata on the Web
Web map preview of geospatial data before downloading
Web map search tool in the Canadian CEONet

This chapter (as well as the next) is written from the perspective of the WWW user who is looking for answers to geographical questions. It deals with aspects of processes of using maps on the Web, whereas Chapter 4 is written from the perspective of the user as a person.
Chapter 3 starts with presenting the real benefits for the user of the WWW medium for the dissemination of geospatial data by means of maps, compared to, for instance, a CD-ROM. These benefits are summarised under two main headings: accessibility and actuality. A next section provides examples of different modes of using web maps, as a further deepening of the basic classification of web maps already presented in Chapter 1. The modes of using web maps -illustrated by various examples- are related to different map use goals, as positioned in the so-called "map use cube". It is indicated what kind of web map use research is required, so as to be able to develop more effective cartographic tools to better serve the needs of the users.
In a separate paragraph attention is paid to the process of finding and retrieving maps and geodata on the overwhelming WWW. Some possible tools are discussed, like (meta) search engines, subject directories, hybrid search tools, subject guides and specialised databases. A final section deals with the roles web maps may play in geospatial data infrastructures and their clearing houses. First of all, the geodata retrieved may come to the user in web map form. But web maps may also be used as part of the searching mechanism and as preview of the geospatial data to be downloaded.

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