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This website accompanies the book and provides a dynamic environment for demonstrating many of the principles set out in the text of the book, including links to interesting places on the Web and access to an extensive reference collection. The website holds coloured versions of illustrations given in the book and where relevant they are dynamic and interactive to demonstrate functionality discussed in the book. All hyperlinks (URLs) given in the book are accessible via this website, and even more important, are maintained. If a URL mentioned in the book is no longer accessible an alternative for that particular URL is given. A URL alteration or an updated figure/illustration is indicated by a red dot . Although, the URLs are regularly checked it is possible that some of the URLs are not accessible because their server is not 'in the air'.

The site is divided into four different sections: an 'About', 'Contents' 'Search' section and the homepage (see also the sitemap). The main navigation (on the left side of each page) contains four buttons that directly take you to the separate sections mentioned above.
The 'About' section (which you are looking at right now) contains information on the book, website, authors, ordering of the book contact addresses and training.
The 'Contents' button takes you to the section where an overview of each chapter in the book is given. Per chapter all the figures from the book are directly accessible. Also an abstract, bibliography and an interactive list containing all the URLs mentioned in the chapter, belong to this 'Contents' part of the site. One remark: all the URLs that are referred to are constantly checked.
Under the button 'Search' you are able to search for: articles on the subject of web cartography, definitions of terms mentioned in the book, word search within the site domain, a particular type of web map or have direct access to URLs mentioned in each chapter.

For some of the examples given on this website a plugin is required, click here for more information.




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