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Maps are created as soon as one needs insight in geospatial patterns and relations. They are produced and used both on paper as well as on-screen. The WWW is the new medium for disseminating and using maps. This book explains the benefits of this medium from the perspective of the user, and the map provider. Opportunities and pitfalls are illustrated by a set of case studies. This website accompanies the book and provides a dynamic environment for demonstrating many of the principles set out in the text.

The authors look at basic questions such as "I have this data what can I do with it?" and discuss the various functions of maps on the Web. Web Cartography also looks at the particularities of multidimensional web maps and addresses topics such as map design (colour, text and symbols), map physics (size and resolution), and the map environment (interface design/site contents). For the book's table of contents click the blue button on the left side of this page. Click the button below for the book's abstract.

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