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Web Cartography for National SDIs

Leuven (Belgium) – 14 May 2013

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The workshop was succesful: abstracts and presentation slides have been  published

About the workshop

The workshop is organised under the auspices of EuroSDR (Commission 4 – Data Specification),  the ISPRS (WG II/2 - Multiscale n-dimensional Spatial Data Representations, Data Structures and Algorithms), and the ICA (Commission on Maps and the Internet). The workshop is organized in conjunction with the AGILE conference on Geographic Information Science, 14-17 May 2013, Leuven, Belgium. You are invited to visit the website of AGILE for more information, e.g. about travel and hotels: (go to Conference & Proceedings > Conference 2013)


The availability of huge amounts of geo-information via the Internet has led to many advantages for the users as well as for the producers of data. It is easier to deliver up to data information, to combine data from different sources, to enable collaborative mapping, to hyperlink between geodata and other information on the web, and to facilitate more personalised maps. At the same time there are remaining and new challenges related to reliability, quality, copyright, privacy, visualisation, etc.

The workshop will focus on the visualisation issues and especially on issues related to combination of different web services. The reason for this is that the benefits from the ongoing SDI developments cannot be fully utilized without a better understanding on how to make efficient and easy to read combinations of web services from different sources. Some countries have already agreed on guidelines for Web mapping. The experiences with these guidelines as well as the accompanying challenges will be exchanged during the workshop. The expected outcome of the workshop is a better understanding of requirements and solutions today of handling cartographic aspects in Web services. In addition the needs for further research and developments within this field will be identified, as well as preliminary ideas on how to organise and strengthen the necessary R&D activities.

A first EuroSDR/ISPRS/ICA workshop on this topic was organized in May, 2011 in Lund, Sweden. The workshop outcomes of the first EuroSDR/ISPRS/ICA workshop on cartography were summarized at the conference of the International Cartographic Association in Paris, July 2011, see

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