ITC's GONDWANA animation


In 2000, we created an interactive animation on the Web of the breaking up of Gondwana. This was a small project to help disseminate the results of extensive scientific work on this subject by ITC geology professor Colin Reeves to the larger, non-academic public. It became rather popular, being by far the most-visited page on the Kartoweb server and having been incorporated through the years in several museum exhibits and used in a TV documentary...

In late 2015, 15 years after its inception,we again received a request to re-use the application. By then we were a bit embarrased to comply, as by now the technology had become difficult to use (at the time we used MacroMind Director to create a Shockwave application). That's why we took a bit of effort to create this re-vamped version better suited for the Web of 2016...

GONDWANA ANIMATION: The updated version
This is the version using HTML5 Open Web technology. It should run in any modern browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+). It contains exactly the same content (frames) as the original Shockwave version (below).


A small presentation explaining the work

This is the original animation (dating back to 2000), that needs Shockwave, a pre-Open Web plugin for interactivity.
Download the Adobe Shockwave plugin by clicking

© 2000-2016 ITC-University of Twente; Animation software and website development (Apr 2000, Jan 2016) by Barend Köbben, scientific work by Colin Reeves (ITC) & Maarten de Wit (University of Cape Town); last change January 31, 2016