DXF To Illustrator (OpenSource version)


DXF to Illustrator project is deprecated, as it was never upgraded to the Intel Mac OSX versions, and Apple has stopped support of applications created for the old PowerMac processors...

DXF TO ILLUSTRATOR is now Freeware / OpenSource 

On March 26, 2001 the Directorate of the International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC) decided to discontinue the DXF to Illustrator project. They felt the activity is not part of ITC's core bussiness and therefore they could no longer commit funds and staff time to the project.

We have decided to make the application Freeware and publish the sources under an OpenSource license.

Unfortunately, this means that there will be no further development and official support for DXF to Illustrator. If you decide you do need a commercially backed alternative, we would like to draw you attention to:


About DXF to Illustrator... 

DXF to Illustrator is a high-end convertor for getting GIS and CAD data to Desktop Publishing packages through the Illustrator (postscript) format. It converts DXF files to Illustrator 1.1 format (also useable in Freehand, Canvas and others) with the possible addition of the 5.x layer structure. It gives you control over many things other conversion methods don't (sorry for sounding like a washing powder add).

Features of version 2.2:

We needed these things at the Cartography departments at Utrecht University and ITC and could not find them in any other conversion method, therefore decided to make them ourselves.

System demands 

For using DXF to Illustrator (and its demo-version) you need: The size of files to be converted is limited only by available RAM. It builds its Illustrator files in RAM (for speed) and since even 2 Mb DXF files get you Illustrator files of about 500 Kb, this will be no problem.


You can use this location to dowload the 2.2-OS version and its sources:

Last update: July 12, 2002 Comments & questions: dxftoill@itc.nl